About Us

Powered by Communities is a communications campaign bringing light to the community energy initiatives happening across the provinces of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward Island. The campaign is focused on celebrating community energy initiatives across the Maritimes, whether they are led by the local government, community groups or non-profits, First Nations, or enterprising individuals.

This campaign is led by QUEST Canada, and is supported by the number of municipal leaders and citizens that are powering their communities.

What is a “Community Energy Initiative”?

Energy surges through communities powering everything from our most basic needs to fun activities. “Community Energy Initiative” is the pledge to improve the way in which community energy is managed. Community energy initiatives are projects, plans, strategies or actions that address the many ways that communities use energy.

The way in which community centres are powered, how you and your neighbours commute to work, or simply how you choose to heat your home, are decisions that have an impact on the local energy system. Sometimes it may not feel like it, but your daily actions make you a participant in the energy system. Communities are powered by its people! We want to share your accomplishments and actions that you have taken to transition to a smart energy community. Share your stories with us through our social media platforms!

Mission:  To recognize and celebrate success stories about energy and climate in Atlantic Canada

Vision:  To inform and inspire environmental excellence 

Values: Promoting local environmental leadership; Communicating and collaborating with others

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