Responsible for the Future

BookBike lending program in partnership with the Wolfville branch of the Annapolis Valley Regional Library Communities around Nova Scotia have taken it upon themselves to bring a sharp focus and urgency to the looming climate crisis, investing strategically in projects and people to meet Canada’s Net-Zero by 2050 climate targets. Municipalities like Wolfville have brought on people from across a spectrum of experiences and expertise not only to enhance the lives of their…

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Where Wind Blows, Water Flows, Sun Shines and Lithium Sings

In the global rush for renewable power, Berwick, Nova Scotia, has about a century’s head start. It began in the 1920s, when the Berwick Electric Commission was founded to manage this community’s single hydroelectric dam; now their part owners of the Ellershouse Wind Farm, stealing megawatts from the breeze. This small, splendid, and otherwise unremarkable community has quietly become a champion of renewable power. “Our early foray into the world of renewables has…

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